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What we do

  • We measure

  • We transport

  • We install

  • We finish

  • We utilise

  • We adjust

  • We maintain

Convenience: we offer you the opportunity to sign a contract for the purchase of windows, doors and other products and services without even having to come to our office (which spares your important time). Nevertheless, we are thorough and always determine your exact requirements so that we can work out the best solution for your needs. Your euro is just as valuable as ours.

Measuring: when taking measurements, precision and experience are important, as well as the initial engineering solution itself, particularly in the case of storm lobbies, conservatories, balconies, and so on. Later on, we will provide accurate design solutions according to actual openings.

Transport: if you have purchased products from us (windows, doors, partition walls, etc), we also offer a transport service. We will agree on the price of every delivery separately, making sure we agree a time that will satisfy both parties.

installation: a general rule is that the installer takes the measurements. The replacement of windows may seem a simple, fast and a relatively minor job at first glance, but on closer inspection this is not quite the case. It is construction work, which involves a good deal of dust and a little inconvenience, at least on the day of installation (furniture and household appliances need to be covered). Of course, it will all be much better afterwards.

Finishing: finishing requirements are slightly different everywhere and the most reasonable thing to do would be to agree upon the details separately for each and every customer. We will agree upon which materials to use and how to use them, as well as on a reasonable or necessary amount of work.

Utilisation: we take care of any old windows and doors, transporting them to a waste collection station or a construction waste disposal site, as required. We will not leave anything lying around the house.

Adjustment: once your windows and doors have been installed, we will inspect them and make necessary adjustments to ensure their proper functioning. On the basis of our experience, we can say that out of a hundred windows or doors we might fit, four or five might need some later adjustment.

Maintenance: PVC products are practically maintenance-free. If windows have been installed and function properly, there is no point in excessive maintenance. Wooden products, however, are an entirely different matter. Depending on their location in the façade (facing north, south, east, or west), maintenance will become necessary at some point in time.

Work and services are organised by
Erki Saarman,
GLASAKEN – Special Work OÜ,
Registry No.: 12524903,
phone: +372  513 3242
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